Hotel detailed information

Fukui Ryokan

A large-size car is O.K. in a large parking lot. Long-term stay also welcomes.

Please make a reservation by using phone.

(receptionist until 7:00am - 20:00pm)
Card does not acceptable.
Fukui Ryokan
Equipment and service
Check-in : 15:00pm
Check-out : 9:00am
Amenities : Television, refrigerator, and yukata
Hotel equipment : A fax service (charge), laundry and vending machine
A nearby convenience store : 1 minute walk from the Hotel
Parking lot : No charge 50 sets with no height size restrictions
Total guestrooms : 25 rooms (all-rooms are Japanese-style)
Capacity : 70 people
Japanese-style : 5,000yen (overnight-stay with two-meals)
3,500yen (overnight-stay with no meal)
Direction to the hotel
Address : Zip-code: 082-0036
6 jyou 9 choume Memuro chou kasaigun Hokkaido
Map : Yahoo! JAPAN Maps
TEL : 0155-62-2024
FAX : 0155-62-2234
Guidance of traffic : 5minutes from JR Memuro station by car